1. Make sure you have registered online at
  2. Make sure you have submitted banknote of transfer to admin 085640009173 (miss titik) or email
  3. Make sure you have get edmodo group code from admin
  4. Visit so it appears like this, then select  I’m student 
  5. Select Create New Edmodo Account
  6. Fill the data yourself completely by following the instructions from edmodo, except email can be ignored
  7. Enter email pound, can any active email
  8. After entering the following page, your account must be accepted by operator, please send WA to 085747504902 (mr al) by format : PPS#CONFIRM ACCOUNT#USERNAME
  9. After your confirmation by admin, please reload your browser then immediately hit Take Quiz button and don’t write or click other button
  10. Read the instructions well then press Start Quiz
  11. Answer the questions well by choosing the right answer, you can choose the easy question by pressing the number keys. When you’re done then press Submit Quiz
  12. If the time is still enough, please press Review to check again especially if there is a number that has not been done. However, to perform the test, press Submit.  
  13. After completion of test, please confirm to operator 085747504902 (mr al) with format message is PPS#FULL NAME#SCHOOL via WA.
  14. Within a maximum of 1×24 hours there will be announcement by the PPS committee