Dewan Ambalan and AYRC SMA ABBS Surakarta Successfully Hold Ceberda at Cakra Pahlawasri Campground Karanganyar

Ceria Bersama Dewan Ambalan dan AYRC (Ceberda) 2023 is an activity organized by the Dewan Ambalan in collaboration with PMR (AYRC) SMA ABBS Surakarta. This activity, which must be carried out by all class X, was held on 10-12 February 2023 at the Cakra Pahlawasri Campground, Delingan, Karanganyar. The purpose of this activity is a program to increase the level of participants to become Bantara. The event was filled with various scouting activities, pensi, quiz competitions and election of Raden and Dewi Ceberda 2023.

The activity chaired by Muhammad Hanif Al-Banna (Class XI) began with the sending off of the Ceberda participants by Kamabigus Advisor Ms. Anna Rafaidah, S.Pd., Gr. at Campus 3 SMA ABBS Surakarta. After the release, the participants headed to the Cakra Pahlawasri Campground by bus. Then arriving at the camping ground the participants set up their tents with their group members assisted by PIC Sangga followed by the opening ceremony. In 3 days and 2 nights this event went smoothly even though it rained on the first day. The committee, coaches and participants were able to collaborate to make this event a success, Dewan Ambalan’s alumni and ABBS high school teachers were also present as an important part of the smooth running of this activity.

Dewan Ambalan’s advisor, Ms. Virliana Annida Rekkayushar, S.Kom said that this activity is useful to familiarize one another, train discipline, be responsive in dealing with all situations and conditions. It is hoped that in the future this activity will continue to be supported by all members of the school community so that scouting will always be ingrained in SMA ABBS students.

Apart from scouting, Ceberda is also AYRC’s real action as a health team for ABBS high school students. Ceberda, whose activities are in the form of camping in the field, is very risky to have children who are sick and need first aid. This is where the role of AYRC is to be able to collaborate to support these activities to keep going well. said Ms. Asy Syifa Labibah, S.Pd., M.Sc as the SMA ABBS AYRC advisor added.

Hopefully this Ceberda activity will be able to grow the mentality and faith of SMA ABBS students, provide good experience in training cooperation and caring for friends, in addition to the promotion program to become an Bantara.

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